BLADE Carbon Wheels - "Classic" and our new "2G" - 2nd Generation Rims


Our high-performance rims will significantly improve overall ride quality.  Given wind-drag creates the majority of resistance for a cyclist, both road and race rims should be designed for an aerodynamic advantage.  BLADE® "Classic" weave options are 3k, 12k and UD woven carbon fiber to build deep, aerodynamic rims that make for a strong, stiff and surprising light wheel.  This added strength and resilience provides increased acceleration for a faster, smoother ride. 

                                                                                                     3k weave -  Glossy finish                                                                                                                                                                          


                                                                                                   UD weave - Matt finish



                                                                                         12k weave - Glossy finish



The  "2G" - 2nd Generation" introduced in February of 2017 .  This manufacturing process called "CNC Filament Winding Technology"  won awards at the 2015 Taipei and Euro Bike shows.  It builts rims lighter and 40% stronger.  The weave options available are "TWILL" and "RATTLESNAKE weaves. These rims come in sizes  35,45,55,69 and 79 mm.