Hubs & Bearings

BLADE Carbon Wheels - Hubs & Bearings

At the request of BLADE® customers, we now offer the option of our BLADE hubs in white, black or silver and Black Disc Brake.    Our Blade hubs come with 6 pawls that are easily reversible from one side to the other when engaged, and 6 v-springs, our KT patented driver engaged hub system creates a smooth shift without drag, increasing power and acceleration.

The advanced research and technology behind the development of BLADE® hubs help improve acceleration and climb, allowing you to increase speed over long distances. 


BLADE® uses Japanese EZO Bearings, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-precision miniature ball bearings.  This  company has specialized in manufacturing high-precision bearings for over 30 years, and has a deserved world-wide reputation as one of the best bearing manufacturers around for their consistency and reliability.


BLADE  (Blade, White, Silver)  ---    weight Front - 85g / rear - 254g = 339g   (standard with order)

BLADE (disc brakes)     ------             weight Front - 125g / rear - 285g = 410g


**     New for 2017 we offer the ability to customize your wheels even more with the choice of the following hubs.   **

DT Swiss 350   ----     weight Front - 109g / rear - 264g = 373g  (+135.00 surcharge)

DT Swiss 240s   ----      weight Front -  108g / rear - 212g = 320g (+375.00 surcharge)

White Industry T11 --  weight Front -  98g / rear 252g = 350g     ($400.00 surcharge)

Chris King    ------        weight Front - 104g / rear 223g = 327g     (+800.00 surcharge)

Extralite Cyber   ----    weight Front - 48g / rear 129g = 177g        (+900.00 surcharge)

                           We allow you to make your wheels "one of a kind"